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Friday, February 17, 2012

I Joined the Family

I know I promised to start a trip this blog but I forgot this was my “adoption” week - 9 years ago on Valentine’s Day.

I was so happy to have a new home!

By the end of my first month, I had quite the toy collection and I liked everyone of them.

Even at this young age, I was always looking for the coolest place in the house!

It took me awhile to figure out, I wasn’t a lap dog.
You could always find me trying to fit in the most peculiar places.

And doing interesting things.

I was growing into quite a handsome fellow, if I do say so myself.

A lot of excitement for a young pup like me!

Apologies for getting this out so late - computer troubles. -D

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Down Memory Lane

Our motor home is going to be sitting for awhile because Mike’s vision is still in recuperating mode. I don’t think he can see good enough to get the motor home out from between the house and fence, none the less, down the road. So, for the next few weeks, I thought I’d talk about some other trips we’ve taken over the years.
Take the year 2008, Dana’s first year of retirement. We did a lot of trips that involved family. We went to see the kids down south to celebrate birthdays, holidays,

baptisms, graduations, and just hang out.

We drove to track meets, Disneyland,
the lake,


 and we attended dance recitals. That was a busy year.

See, you don't have to really travel far to have fun in an RV - you can just drive far enough to change the scenery or be with people you love. I've discovered, the more people you love around you, the more fun you'll have, too.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day by Day

I’m sure you’ve noticed, some weeks just aren’t as exciting as others. I just had one like that because my best buddy, Mike, had eye surgery. Most of the time he feeds me, holds my leash, does poop duty, lays on the floor with me, brushes me - well, you name it, he does it. Dana knows how to do that stuff, it’s just that he likes to do it - well, maybe not the poop part.

So, when Mike is down, I rely on Dana but she makes me do more work. When it’s time to eat, Mike comes in, mixes my dry with either carrots or string beans and, once in awhile, adds a dollop of whip cream. When Dana feeds me, it’s a big production. I get all excited about a meal but when she sets the food down, I have to sit and wait by my dish holder until she tells me, “OK!”. What kind of deal is that? Mike gives me treats all the time; to get one from Dana, I actually have to do something - roll over, high five, chase my tail, shake, etc., etc.
Mike had radiation in his eye last week, which meant I couldn’t get close to him and neither could any other living thing so no walks for him. Dana would put on my leash, we would walk out the gate and I would turn around to wait for Mike to catch up … but he didn’t come. I should’ve caught on, but I did that every day he had to stay inside. So Dana would give me a little tug and off we went. When I'm with Dana, I have to stay close to her, no stopping to sniff and see who else has been on the sidewalk. Once I get to the park, though, she relaxes and I get to smell - Ahhh.

One other thing I can tell you about Dana, she is a very good poop picker-upper, tries to get every last bit. She tells the grandkids, “If you can’t pick up poop, you shouldn’t get a dog.” She tries to be tough but I have seen her gag a couple of times.

With that radiation in his eye, that meant no hug-times for me from Mike. He finally got the plaque out so we are working our way back to normal. He has been going for our walks again, but he is a little off-balance so Dana usually holds his arm and/or my leash. Dana is doing all the driving, which she isn’t that fond of but since Mike can’t see, she doesn’t have a choice unless we just stay home.

So our family is in transition, each of us learning new ways to cope with Mike not being quite himself and helping him get back into the swing of things. Of course, that’s what families are for!   
Have a great week!