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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our Latest RV Trip - Part 3

We headed to Santa Cruz - finally tolerable weather. See Mike's wearing a sweatshirt so you know I'm feeling so much better. Campground - pet friendly, even had an off-leash area. Lots of my canine buddies were there, even some show-dogs, altho' I never saw them go to the dog park.

They let dogs on the Roaring Camp & Big Trees Narrow Gauge Railroad - loved that ride on the train.

This was my first train ride and I liked it - I could’ve done without the whistle and steam -  too loud.

The passengers in our car liked having me there, maybe they didn't like that loud noise either and I made them feel better. Anyway, I got a lot of pats and made a lot of new friends that day. It was a great ride through a redwood forest. I even got to walk around among the giant trees and you know how dogs feel about trees!

When the ride was over, Mike and Dana had me sit to the side, so everyone else could get down from the car first. I didn't mind because I got a lot more attention from people as they passed by me. One gentleman gave me a pat and said, "That's a good looking dog. He sure is well-mannered." The best comment of the day!

Another fun thing we did was take the 17-mile driving tour around Pebble Beach. It’s pretty well-known and there were a lot of people out doing the same thing.

There was only one problem, sometimes there is so much to see, people don't pay attention to what's going on...

But sometimes, we just hung around the campground.

Are you having fun, Peyton?

I had fun in Santa Cruz.


  1. Love the picture of Peyton and Archie. I didn't even know you took it.