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Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm Back!

My turn - finally - here’s some more stuff about ME!

By now, you know what I look like - big, golden and very fuzzy. Dana calls me her fuzz-muffin.

Furry is good, kids like it, but I do get hot. Even when everyone else is cool, like when it’s foggy or overcast, I’ll still heat up and start panting. Dana worries my brain might explode - she read that somewhere about dogs’ brains. So, I got a K-9 Kool Coat Ó - made in the USA! The material is a special mesh fabric that blocks UV-rays. If it’s super hot, Mike or Dana can soak it in water before they put it on me. I haven’t had it long, but I did try it a couple of times and it really does seem to help. Another thing, look how slim I look in it!

(Hope you like this pic of Archie in his Kool Coat; it sure was hard work to get it to appear for some reason. - D)

So high temps - not my friend. But then, when it gets too cold or damp, I limp because my front legs hurt. My vet says I have arthritis, which feels like a lot of needles stabbing into my joints. DeramaxÓ to the rescue! It helps a lot - I can walk without limping! It’s kind of expensive so, after experimenting, we found I can usually get by on ½ a tablet daily but every once in awhile, when it’s really wet and damp, we gotta boost it back up to a full one for a few days.

Dana says I’m like those people that are never happy - either too hot or too cold. Until next time - Archie

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  1. My goodness, Archie, you new jacket does really make you look slimmer.