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Thursday, June 7, 2012


Mike had to go to Tennessee for a few days and I missed him. Dana looked at the front window and noticed me waiting...

After that, she noticed me waiting everywhere.

I waited patiently behind the couch...

at my favorite 'cool' place - by the bathtub
I stood sentinel at the gate

Mostly, I watched from the front door and when I got tired

I went in the house and tried to keep a happy face.
All the waiting was starting to stress me out!
Then, I thought I heard something!
Someone is at the door!
Dana - hurry up and let him in!

Now I can relax and be happy!

Mike was happy, too!

Oh yea, and Dana was happy, too!


  1. Oh, my this is a heart tugger. Don't know who to feel sorriest for, Archie or Mike. Glad they are reunited.


  2. Oh, man. This one brought tears to my eyes. Archie, I don't think you were the only one feeling that way. Glad all 3 of you are back together again.