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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Living with the Enemy

We're living in the motor home while my people are looking for a new stationery home for us. So, we are living nextdoor to some of the grandkids in an RV park. That is fine with me BUT with our other family comes Hunter, the cat!

I just kept hanging around him and turned on my GR charm. Finally, he decided maybe I was OK.

I thought for sure we were on our way to becoming friends. The very next morning, Hunter disappeared! Everyone hunted all over the park but Hunter was no where to be seen. He was gone for three days.

The consensus was, Hunter was not coming back! It could've been that he got in someone's cabinet which they closed without realizing the cat was inside. Or maybe a hungry hawk spotted him.

Peyton and Garrett were so upset. They went to Daily Vacation Bible School and said a prayer for their missing cat. The next morning, Mike, Dana and I went for our early morning walk and who did we see? Hunter! He was eating cat food that some kind-hearted RVers gave him. They thought he was a pet because he was so friendly - well, he is to people, not so much with dogs. Anyway, they were packing to leave and weren't sure what to do with him; they were sure happy to find out he belonged to someone. So, Dana picked him up and took him back to our spots on the other side of the park.

But then what happened? That cat forgot all about our new friendship.

So, I have to start all over with hij. Oh well...


  1. Hang in there, Archie, you win everyone over--eventually even this cat.


  2. So far, Hunter is still holding out. He is not being friendly but Archie still wants to get in his crate. Oh well...