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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Our Latest RV Trip - Part 2

I have been struggling with this for a week! Looks like it's finally going to work. So, here goes...

Our next stop was Lake Tahoe and our first day was not a dog day. Everybody rode the Ducks, so I stayed in the motor home.

But the next day, I thought I heard my name and wondered,

"Am I going somewhere?"

Next thing I knew, we were at Kiva Beach, a dog's paradise. I met big dogs, little dogs, dogs who never barked, fat dogs, skinny dogs, even a lab that let me play with his ball - that was fun. Most of the time, though, I played with the people that brought me.

I found that stick, but everyone else wanted to play with it, too!

After a while, I got tired of the sun, which happens when you always wear a fur coat. Luckily, I found some people who didn't seem to mind sharing their shade.

Then again, maybe they never even noticed me!

That was such a fun day, but I spent the rest of the afternoon like this:

That was the highlight of my stay in Lake Tahoe.   ~ Archie

Kiva Beach, one of the few Tahoe beaches where dogs are allowed on the California side is a mile north of Camp Richardson Resort off Highway 89 on the southwest shore. Dogs are allowed only from Tallac Point at the end of Kiva Beach south of the Camp Richardson Resort fence. - Dana


  1. Archie lives the life of Riley--h'mmm, wonder if there is a dog named Riley. Fun post.

  2. We noticed you, Arch but didn't mind sharing the shade one bit. You should know that Peyton and Garrett still talk about our trip and how they get to take "their" dog everywhere.

  3. Your mom told me about this blog, and I had to check it out.

    Love it!