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Saturday, August 13, 2011


Well, for my birthday, my husband bought me a Tablet (Xoom) with a hot spot - so that’s what I'm now using to hook up to the net.

Any of you who are over 50 can sympathize - every time I get some new technological gadget, it takes me awhile to get the hang of it. Part of my problem this time I’ll blame on communication. The young man who "helped" me seemed to know what he was doing, but when I asked for more of an explanation, I had to reinterpret what he said to make sure I understood. I even took notes but something got lost in part of the process.

Now, Mike knows when I’m trying to learn something new, especially when it comes to technology, to just stay out of the way because there’s going to be a lot of “huffing and puffing” - if you know what I mean. But no matter how hard I tried, I could not get my computer to hook up. When I went back to my cell provider the next day, the young lady who helped me wasn’t as patient as the fellow who was going to get my $. As it turned, out I missed one very important point some where along the line - you have to actually turn on the hot spot in the Tablet.

Since that was my actual birthday day-day, we had some activities planned so it was a few hours before I actually got to try out my new directions and I still had a hard time getting my lap top to hook up to the net. So, I got out my notes from the previous day and the most recent ones and blending both set of instructions, I finally got it to work!

Now, I have to get used to doing things differently than when I just used a BroadBand card. (We don’t have internet service at the house because we are on the road a lot and I didn’t want to pay for two different internet services as I already pay enough $ to my cell provider as it is.) So, yesterday, I thought I’d never get hooked up and when I finally looked to see what the problem was, the message said I needed to make my lap top able to “receive” the hot spot connection - BAM, of course. That little pesky satellite symbol that I usually had to take off when I used my card now has to be on. Today I forgot that I have to turn on the “hot spot” in the Tablet so the lap top can connect. I’m sure I’ll forget something else tomorrow.

As for the Blog, over the last few days, I’ve been trying to do it but the icon that downloads pictures wasn’t working for me. Once I hit it, a big empty square would come up but none of the other parts. So, tried again today and it came up like it’s supposed to but then the smaller square that’s supposed to get the picture I chose in it, just kept having that little orb spinning and spinning and I waited a good 15 minutes. So, I have given up for today.

But, I thought maybe I should let people who’ve been checking in know that I am still trying and, hopefully, I’ll get it all together soon. If you’ve read this far, thank you for listening to me whine.

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