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Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Happy Place

Guess where I went last week?  Disneyland! Of course, I don’t really get to see too much of it - parking lot, tram ride, ticket area, kennel.

There were other dogs on board the tram, too - “working” dogs. Sometimes I think I should get a vest but since I don’t go to the bathroom "on command" and I am rather excited when anyone acts interested in me, people would probably realize I was faking it.

So, to the kennels I go after walking through crowds of people, which is fun because everyone notices me and I get lots of attention - I like that part. But we didn’t want to waste too much time - kennel cages are first come, first served - no reservations! Get there late and you might get stuck in a little cage. After I got mine, there was only one other big one left. We got there early (The kennels open ½ hour before the park. -D) but they seem to be more accomodations for little dogs than big ones.

My paper work filled out, my shot record studied (Be sure to bring up-to-date proof of vaccines. No proof and the dog does not get in - NO EXCEPTIONS! - D) and I was shown to my clean cage. I had my blanket, treats and a couple of toys with me, so I was set. A bowl for food and water was provided and the Disney crew did a good job of making sure I always had something to drink and came by to say hello.

My kennel-mates were nice and well-mannered as we waited for our people to come back to walk us from time to time. The walking area isn’t really all that big but Mike and Dana could throw my ball for me to chase after.

The only scary part - Disney’s grand fire works. Mike came back to the kennels just as they were going off but some of my canine buddies were not so lucky - they were alone and shook.

I went back for a second day. I was pretty excited about seeing friends I’d made the day before. I got more attention as we rode the tram and then I pulled Mike through the ticket area to the kennel pretty fast - something you know I don't do very often. You would think I was going to visit old friends - maybe I was.

We all had a great time at Disneyland/California Adventure but was it crowded! Schools were out, which explains why there were times, if we had fallen over, we wouldn't have to worry about hitting the ground. Still, it’d been a few years since our last visit and, except for the disappointment over Pirates being closed for refurbishing, it was still a magical place.


  1. Hey, Archie, I had no idea they had places for dogs to hang out at Disneyland. Thanks for telling us.

  2. The kids loved taking Archie on the tram and I think Dad was a little sad on the second day because he knew he really couldn't worry about Arch. A relief, but I know he likes to worry about him too