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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

OK, I think we’re back. Computer issues one week, did taxes the next – EEK! So here’s our 2008 trip. Hope you like it…  -D
Our first stop was Cedar City, UT. We took a drive up to...

This is on our drive up the mountain.

It is a beautiful place and if you get the chance, stop and check it out.

Dogs were allowed on some trails, so I got to see... 

one of the oldest trees in the world – a Bristol Cone Pine.

Once we get into the monument area, dog access is very restricted. Too bad, though, it's sure pretty there.



The local KOA  was nice and the staff always had dog treats handy. One thing - this is a patriotic town. On July 4th, a canon is fired as soon as the sun is up, very early.  No one had warned us so Dana and Mike thought we were being attacked! When they looked outside, no one else seemed the least bit concerned. Hearts were racing, so there was no more sleeping.

Next day, we headed to Green River, UT, for an over-nighter. We took I-15 to I-70 and actually stopped at some of the designated viewing stops along the way. We were sure glad we did!

Hope to see you next week!


  1. Such gorgeous scenery, wow! Being woke up by a cannon blast sure would be scary.

    Fun post. Hi, Archie.


  2. Hopefully, we'll see some more beautiful stuff this summer.