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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our Next Stop

Hill City, South Dakota. The family wish list of things to see and do was too much to fit into three days. Besides that, the KOA was so much fun, the kids didn’t really want to go anywhere else! It was great for me, lots of trails to roam.

The kids enjoyed the planned activities - day and night, the water slide, miniature golf and, their favorite, the jumpy pillow.

The grown-ups were finally able to drag the kids away from camp to ride the 1880 Train in Keystone,

see the Crazy Horse Monument and exhibits,

and, of course, to visit Mount Rushmore.

(No dogs were on the 1880 Train; dogs are only allowed in the parking lots at the two monuments. - D)
Everyone had so much fun, they said they couldn’t wait to come back* and spend more time.
The real world beckoned, Mark had to go back to work, so the Stearns said ‘good-bye’ to South Dakota but the kids weren’t ready to go.

Two sad kids in this picture. To add to Garrett’s disappointment, he is just realizing that the shuttle taking them to the airport has nothing to do with space.- D

A storm rolled into the area soon after they left. There was a hard wind, thunder, lightning and rain came down in buckets! My playmates were gone and now we couldn't even go outside because it was scary out there!
But the next morning came and it was beautiful. Soon we were back on the road.

 *And we did! In 2010, the Stearns bought their own RV and Genie asked the kids, “Where do you want to go for our first trip?” They answered, “Mount Rushmore.” - D


  1. Hi, Archie--isn't it fun to see the kids enjoying themselves so much? Looks like you had a good time too!


  2. This was the trip where we learned our kids loved camping!