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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Archie's Turn

Dana left her computer on so thought I’d try this.

Let me set one thing straight, I’m not really fat. Now these aren’t my best pics, but here you can see when I’m wet, I’m not that big - I’m just a really fuzzy fellow.

 I like the beach - interesting stuff there, lots of water and it’s almost always cool. If you had fur all over, that would be important to you, too.

I like kids. “Grand” kids think I’m their dog, too. Other kids walk by my front fence on their way to school. When they can’t see me, they yell, “Archie,” so we can walk together to the end of my yard. If kids are out for recess when I walk by the school on the corner, some of them yell “Archie! Archie!” Mike and Dana wonder how those kids know me since they are strangers to them. Sometimes, if the school kids don’t know my name, they just yell out, “Hey, I like your dog!” I like that. When we go in the RV, I always make kid friends. Sometimes, the real little ones are intimidated because I’m pretty big, but once they snuggle in my fur, I have a new friend.

Then there are “dog” kids - puppies. I’m not really fond of them because they don’t have dog manners and humans expect us older guys to teach them. That’s a pain. Specifically, I don’t like Kramer. He lives with some of my other favorite people, Aunt Lori, Uncle Rick and Alyssa. When he grows up he is going to be a guide dog for the blind. Not sure what that means but I do know he always wants to follow me around and do whatever I do - what a pain!

I like water - of course, I’m a golden retriever! Any water will do - ocean, lake, river, creek or a puddle in the backyard. I even like our lawn sprinklers. I don’t get in deep water because when my tail floats, it freaks me out! I can swim, but I like to be in control of my tail.

I like other golden retrievers. That brings me to my friends, Emily and Allie. They are golden retrievers, too. We go on walks together. When people see us they say, "There goes a lot of hair!"

I like to travel in the RV. When Mike and Dana put their clothes in the motor home, I know we’ll soon be heading out and I get excited. When my bed goes in, I relax because I know I’m going, too!

Better go, I hear someone coming…


  1. Archie is one smart dog. Who knew he could use a computer. Wow!

  2. Awww. Archie is awesome! What fun!

    Michelle V

  3. HA! I like Archie! He's my kind of dog!

  4. Cute, I love dogs. How does Archie feel about labs?


  5. Good post Archie!! Hope to hear more from you. :-)

  6. Poor Archie, in the Arizona sun! Hope you got to swim in Oak Creek Canyon.