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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hanging Around the RV - Part 1

Being furry - I don’t have to worry about clothes - like where to put them. Mike and Dana don’t have fur; they are always looking for clothes hanging places around the RV.

Sometimes their clothes get wet, they never seem to know when it might rain. When their clothes get dirty, they take them off to wash them. When my fur gets dirty, it’s still on me when it gets cleaned but I like water so that’s OK. I’ve heard Dana tell Mike, “Don’t put that one in these dryers - it’ll shrink.” I’m glad that doesn’t happen to me! I don't think I'd like shrinking fur.

Some campgrounds have rules about hanging clothes outside of the motor home; that means they have to find places inside the RV for their clothes to air dry. Other times, Dana has to look for places to hang clothes because, Mike says, she brings too many.

To dry clothes, sometimes, they pop the rod out of the shower, hang a couple of “S” hooks from cabinet handles and set the shower rod in the lower hook. (Dana says you can use a dowel instead.) If your clothes are really wet, leave them in the shower long enough to finish dripping or else the couch or dinette will get wet. When the windows are open, clothes dry even faster.

Of course, if you only have one or two things that need to air-dry, you can just hang it on the cabinet. Another place that works for a hanger is the shelf the TV sits on in our bedroom.

Now, if you’re lucky enough to have two slide outs, which we don’t, you can put a spring-loaded shower curtain rod between them. Then you can hang up quite a few things that won’t be too noticeable when people walk by your RV. Before buying a rod for this, be sure to measure the distance between the two slide-outs to get a rod that’s long enough to work.

This is Genie & Mark's 5th wheel and her idea, actually.

Dana’s nickname is the “Gadget Queen” - Uncle Rick calls her that. She is always finding interesting contraptions and some of them come in pretty handy, even Uncle Rick admitted that. Anyway, here's an umbrella type drying stand that folds in and contracts to a small size for storage. It can be used outside or inside on the dinette table.

When it comes to storing, Dana says the shower works great for a place to “hang” clothes, especially the long ones - until you need to take a shower, that is. I notice Mike and Dana do that a lot. I don’t know how they get so dirty - it seems to take a lot out of their playtime. Anyway, Dana puts the clothes in a garment bag to keep them safe from renegade drips.

If you don’t want to move your clothes around to take a shower, then you can use the TV shelf in the bedroom again, if you have one. Dana says it it comes in handy for extra hanging space. She uses garment bags there to keep the clothes together and protect them from stray golden retriever hairs, although I’m not sure why she cares about that, I think my hair is quite fetching.

Then there’s always the old stand-by, the over-the-door hook. Dana has one on the bathroom door. It can hold an outfit or two, but she usually hangs bags, her camera or a jacket she doesn't want to put away.

As for me, if I can't hold it in my mouth, then it's not worth taking!

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