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Friday, July 22, 2011

Headed Home

Headedfor home after a 3-week RV trip. Dana will fill you in on our adventures next week but as for my synopsis,

                        FOUR PAWS UP!
Saw a lot of trees (you know how we dogs feel about trees), met a lot of new friends (4-legged and two), and experienced temperatures from over 100 (pant, pant) to snow on the ground (Yes!). Came across water that crashed, splashed in lakes and went to the beach where creatures barked but I couldn’t understand a word they said! (Mike said they weren’t dogs.) Even rode a train but that whistle and steam was loud!

But I think my yard is probably missing me and I would really like to take a nap on the tile in the bathroom so it’s OK that I’m heading home. Of course, Mike might change his mind before we get there…

As you can see by the pic, we made it. Details next week! - Dana

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  1. can't wait to see which pictures Archie chooses to post. I bet there are a lot.